Volunteers at Shree Ram Higher Secondary School

In September, 2013, sisters Joan Holcombe and Carolyn Holcombe Damp, both retired teachers from the USA, traveled to Nepal at their own expense to volunteer for a month at Shree Ram Higher Secondary School.  Among other activities, they taught English to students and trained faculty to become more effective teachers.  Shree Ram is in the village of Koshidekha, a 2 hour drive from Kathmandu, and serves 500 K-12 children in two shifts.  All the children walk to school, some from as far as 1-1/2 hours away.  The photos below tell some of the story of their time at Shree Ram.  We were lucky to have them share their time, expertise, love of children, and generous spirits with the students, teachers, and residents of the village.  All await their return to continue their service to the school!

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