Letter from Rajman Tamang, Principal, Shree Ram School, Koshidekha

10 May 2015

Dear Sir, Namaste!

First of all, I would like to say Thank You so much for your help. You already know how devastating the condition of Koshidekha is. Yesterday we distributed relief materials to 300 families with relief funds from HealthCare Nepal. Thank you for your quick help in this hard time. We have been getting your help for the school for many years and we hope your support for the school and village will continue as we work hard to rebuild.

Once again Thank You so much from me, my family, and the entire Koshidekha Village for your quick support.

Best Regards



Rajman Tamang, Principal, Shree Ram Higher Secondary School with
relief workers who have brought clothing for the village of Koshidekha.

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