The Village of Koshidekha - Before and After

On April 15, 2015, Carolyn Damp, her sister Joan Holcombe, and fellow retired teacher Carol Williams arrived at Shree Ram Higher Secondary School, Koshidekha, Kavre District, for what was to be a month of faculty training and curriculum development.  For Joan and Carolyn, this was their second time volunteering at Shree Ram.  Ten days after their arrival, just before noon on April 25, their mission changed abruptly from teaching to disaster relief.  While they and our close friends were safe, almost all of the homes in the village were destroyed or seriously damaged.  The school remained intact and provided emergency shelter and water immediately after the earthquake.  Tragically, one child from the school died, along with several villagers.

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School - 5
School - 4
Damage - 8
Damage - 5
Damage - 3
Damage - 2
Damage - 6
Damage - 1
Damage - 4
Damage - 5 (1)


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