Kathmandu - April 25-26, 2015

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck just as I as sitting down for lunch in a restaurant with my good friends Drs. Sunita and Kapendra Amatya, their son Krit (8) and daughter Kreita (6 weeks), and Daryl Demsko, a friend from home and a generous supporter of our work with a school in Koshidekha, Kavre District.  When the violent shaking began Sunita shouted, “It’s an earthquake — we have to get out of here!!”  Walking was almost impossible so Daryl got Sunita and her baby to the floor and helped them crawl out of the building, while Kapendra, Krit, and I escaped by holding onto moving chairs and tables. Everyone — cooks, waitstaff, and customers — then gathered in the parking lot, anxiously endured multiple aftershocks, and tried to contact loved ones by phone and SMS.  Some news was good, though much was tragic as people learned of collapsed homes and dead or injured relatives and friends.

That night I slept outside with 15 others in the yard of KP and Meena Singh, my host family in Kathmandu.  Aftershocks and occasional drizzle interrupted our attempts to sleep, but we were safe.  And together. 

Below are some photos I took the afternoon of the earthquake and before leaving Nepal late the next day.

Jack Starmer

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Quake - 2
Quake - 3
Quake - 4
Quake - 6
Quake - 7
Quake - 9
Quake - 10
Quake - 12
Quake - 15
Quake - 19
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Quake - 20
Quake - 21

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