Food, Blankets, and Tarps to Kadambas - 5/16/15

Over the years, HealthCare Nepal and Children’s Aid Centre (CAC) have donated classroom supplies to a school in Kadambas, Sindhupalchok District, two hours outside of Kathmandu.  During the April 25th earthquake, Kadambas suffered major damage and on May 12th, because of its proximity to the epicenter of a second earthquake, even more homes were destroyed and more lives lost.  Fortunately, Kadambas was next in HCN and CAC's relief effort, so four days after the second earthquake two truckloads of supplies arrived with food, blankets, and tarps for 150 families.

Excerpts from a message we received later that day from Ivy Rizyal of CAC:

“Once we left the main highway in Sindhupalchok, we saw nothing but demolished houses….  Kadambas was even worse….  We distributed the relief packages from the road near the school as there was no place in the compound because the building had been razed to the ground….  The villagers with grief stricken expressions on their faces expressed their gratitude on receiving the relief package and requested us to convey their heartfelt thanks to HCN and your supporters.”

“On the way home, as we were descending the last turn of the mountain road before the highway, there was a jolt of magnitude 5.2 which struck with a loud BANG! and we saw dust and dirt from a landslide enveloping the mountain across from us.  It was the first ever experience like this in our lifetimes.  Luckily, we were safe.”

"We would like to thank HCN and its donors for the post-earthquake packages we distributed today to the very needy villagers of Kadambas.  Much devastation has struck Nepal and it has changed our lives forever. Thank you."

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