Food and Medicines to Koshidekha - 5/9/15

From Joan, Carolyn, and Carol, three HCN-CAC volunteers who were in Koshidekha during the earthquakes:

“Wow! Today was a great day.  At 8:15 two huge trucks rolled into the village full of food essentials provided by HealthCare Nepal (HCN) and organized and distributed by Children’s Aid Centre (CAC).  Villagers of all ages helped offload the food and we three helped with distribution to 300 grateful families.  It was heartening to see the smiles on people’s faces.  Thanks so much to all who have contributed to the relief fund.  HCN and CAC plan to return in two weeks with additional supplies once they have helped four other remote villages.  Your contributions are making a real difference!”

In addition to food distribution, Dr. Nischal, health educator from Nepal Medical College and Teaching Hospital, taught villagers how to prevent common post-disaster illnesses, including diarrhea and cholera.  Medicines and oral rehydration packets were also delivered to the school for any villagers who may need them.

Each of the 300 families received:
    Rice:  30 kg (66 lbs)    
    Lentils:  2 kg (4.4 lbs)
    Flour:  5 kg (11 lbs)
    Vegetable Oil:  2 litres (2.1 qts)
    Salt:  1 kg (2.2 lbs)
    Dry Noodles: 30 packets
    Soap: 2 cakes

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